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Farmers family, probably by Kusakabe Kimbei

A staged century photograph of a farmer and his wife. The man wears the traditional straw rain coat ( 蓑, mino) and kasa (笠), a hat made of bamboo or sedge. Photographer probably Kusakabe Kimbei. Text and image via Wolfgang Wiggers on Flicker

https://flic.kr/p/4yEeo9 | OFF TO THE FIELDS -- A Rustic Japanese Farmer and his Wife | Ca. 1880s studio image by K. [Kimbei] Kusakabe. She wished she could have been a Geisha. He wished she WAS a Geisha. [Actually, she most likely IS a Geisha, modeling for a day, as many of them did in rustic views such as these.]  日下部 金兵衛  (1841 - 1934)

A Rustic Japanese Farmer and his Wife by Okinawa Soba. studio image by Kimbei Kusakabe (日下部 金幣, Kusakabe Kimbei, případně Kusakabe Kimbé Kófu —

A rural Samuraipage - from Center of Digital Initiatives The University of Vermont Libaries

A rural Samurai - Wolcott, Katherine Photomechanical print , 1909 The Samurai in this picture is wearing a straw raincoat in addition to his swords and clothing.

autour du monde Japon  moeuers usages 1895-1900  (4)

Photographer/studio: unknown Source: extracted from a French book of photochromes from around the world, Japan section. Date: unknown, circa 1900