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10-22 in 1969: An understandably miffed and somewhat confused Paul McCartney issues an official press release through Apple stating that he is not, in fact, dead, and then retires to his farm in Scotland (where Life magazine will track him down to further prove his not-deadness).Gads this was like a bad penny - the story just would not go away despite it was all a total hoax.

theswinginsixties: ‘The Case of the ‘Missing’ Beatle.’ - Life magazine, November 7 LOL at lil Mary McCartney, trolling it up for the camera.

LIFE Magazine July 28, 1947 - Princess Elizabeth

1947 July 28 LIFE Magazine Princess [Queen] Elizabeth Cover - Mid-Century WWII, Plus Archival Plastic Magazine Protector for Collectors

Feb 5 1965  Churchill's funeral

Famous Media Coverage on a Funeral>LIFE Magazine- Sir Winston Churchill Funeral