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ELIZABETH TAYLOR: The original smokey eye; and the only woman (IMO) who pulled off dark hair and light skin.

If you would see these eyes in colour which colour do you think they would be?

Elizabeth Taylor (Elizabeth Rosemond Taylor), (born in London (England) on February 1932 - died in Los Angeles (California, USA) on March

The "violet" eyes of Elizabeth Taylor.

The "violet" eyes of Elizabeth Taylor. I knew someone who got to dance with her at a USO function in He said he was haunted by her eyes - the most beautiful he had ever seen.

8. Elizabeth Taylor, wearing a necklace of rubies and diamonds.

Elizabeth Taylor's ruby necklace presented to her by her third husband, Mike Todd - while at a swimming pool in Cap-Ferrat, France in

Elizabeth Taylor

LIz Taylor- a friend who saw her closeup said she REALLY did have incredible violet eyes!

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Elizabeth Taylor holds up a diamond mask for photographers at a fine jewelry auction, on April to benefit the American Foundation for AIDS research (amfAR). PICTURES: Elizabeth Taylor: PICTURES: Elizabeth Taylor's many marriages PICTURES:.