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Proof: recently broke my hand punching a wall instead of a person... lol.

Sometimes a Pisces takes their pain out on themselves instead of on others. An angry Pisces can be very destructive. I'm very destructive.

Isn't this the truth. I'm always saying the same thing to my daughter and as soon as she sees it, she understands it.

The ultimate truth of the Pisces core. In general, a Pisces will not play around with their feelings so it's safe to bet that they we won't play around with yours.

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Yes I come off as hypocritical or overly spontaneous, I apologize, I cannot help it.

Yes...I've done some irrational tings a time or two.Fun facts about your sign here

Had to pin this twice.juat cuz it is soooooooooo truuuuueeee.escape from reality.