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a goody-two shoes. #Pisces

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I put myself in other people's shoes and try to understand why they're doing/feeling/thinking what they are.

"A Pisces is comforting to be around because unlike some people they actually care about what's going on with you.

With ALL their FURY!!! And we have a lot of it kept in internal reserves!

If we get that angry you can bet you deserve it. Takes a lot but I would tuck tail and run if I were u because you are about to her some hard truth's about yourself that will make u feel pretty small.

I try so hard NOT to bring that side out, but, sometimes it's inevitable.

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Im not really into zodiac things, but these describe me perfectly. Pisces may be quick to cry, but they can go ice cold just as fast if they sense you're not worth their tears.

 yeap... thats how i catch em...   VC

PISCES GIRL {My husband has asked me at times to "go easy" on a person we have business with if that person might change what was said the first time! He knows I can quote that person verbatim, if necessary.

Pisces are good at spying, stalking, and finding.... - fun zodiac signs fact

Pisces are good at spying, stalking, and finding. - fun zodiac signs fact 😂😂 that’s the damn truth

Isn't this the truth. I'm always saying the same thing to my daughter and as soon as she sees it, she understands it.

The ultimate truth of the Pisces core. In general, a Pisces will not play around with their feelings so it's safe to bet that they we won't play around with yours.