Divergent is the best book ever

OMG I just saw this movie for the first time and it was OMG amazing OMG OMG OMG. I've read the books twice but the movie was really good.

2 lovers, 1 story.

Allegiant Too many words to name I read the series in weeks 3 books- divergent insurgent allegiant 2 lovers- four (tobias) and tris 1 story- taking down erudite

Christian madse looks like some one who should be in an emotional band

OML when I saw the first two rows I thought they were doing couples and so when I saw peter and al I screamed.

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crees q mi primer instinto es protegerte porque eres pequeña o una chica o una estirado pero te equivocas mi primer instinto es presionarte hasta q  te rompas

You think my first instinct is to protect you because you're small, or a girl, or a stiff. But you're wrong, my first instinct is to push you until you break.

"We are coming, Veronica Roth, we are coming with butter knifes." Sincerely the fandom.

"We are coming, Veronica Roth, we are coming with butter knifes." Sincerely the fandom<.------the previous pinner wrote that. I thought it as so funny!

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I'm like Tris I have pain and I cry but I don't show it to many people at least there are few and I want a nobel death like hers

This is also gender roles and reader response because it shows how Tris and Four balance out the strengths and weaknesses and come together as a couple thoughout the movie.<<<< wow never thought about that but so true.

This is impossible Tris died, u can't have a child if your dead! Duh! Still crying though<<<I didn't need my heart

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Well this actually could've never happen. She would've had to give birth before she died ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~sad

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This is so cute, so I stared reading the book I am nearly finished insurgent so I'm excited to read allegiant even though heaps of people are saying she dies.