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cardboard stool

Perfect dorm furniture -- OR the perfect cat scratching furniture! My cats LOVE to sharpen their claws on stuff like this!

How To Use Cardboard To Create Amazing furniture Years ago I bought an out of print book about making furniture from cardboard because I was so sick of moving furniture.

How To Use Cardboard To Create Amazing furniture

Laundry Hamper - builders security fencing #DIY, #Laundry, #Plastic

Laundry Hamper Made From Upcycled Builder Security Fencing

Laundry Hamper – builders security fencing also good for storing potatoes &/or onions


Got Cardboard? Make Art!

Recycled cardboard scraps into some really awesome modern art wall sculptures. This is such an awesome idea, just think of all the random bits of cardboard we often have laying around! YES DOING THIS , THIS WEEKEND!


“ Streep 180 is a bench made of cardboard with a laminated top to add comfort and colour. This is a very sturdy and durable bench for everyday use. Contrary to most cardboard products on the market,.

box seat

For mummy, daddy and baby

¡¡Hola a tod@s!!   Este post está dedicado a todos los lectores que, a parte de amar el diseño, sean unos manitas.     Hoy en día somos con...

Employing his signature technique of 'fluting', which involves the alternating the angle of the corrugation in the cardboard to produce varied designs and patterns on its surface

Carton bed by Antoinette Bader

10 cardboard bed designs for sustainable, sound sleep

The carton bed designed by Antoinette Bader is the most refined folding bed of its kind. There are a number of carton beds available on the market and.