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Freddy by joshuadraws

Freddy and Mangle today. Disney will continue on the Freddy

Freddy Fazbear by joshuadraws

I almost forgot to make more Five Nights artwork for Kids Read Comics Convention​ Unacceptable!


Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Toy Chica Selfie with night guard

Fredbear (and Friends) by AnimatronicBunny

toy-bonnie: “ openrift: “ toy-bonnie: “ FREDBEAR IS ADORABLE. ” Is it just me or did toy-bonnie change her style? I changed colouring a little but I did mention a few days ago I was.

Lil Toy Freddy / FNaF 2 by Mizuki-T-A.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

float around.That's my emotion when I thinking about what draw next. (My new white ballpoint is uncomfortable to use.

fnaf tacos - Buscar con Google

It's raining tacos from out of the sky tacos no need to ask why gust open your mouth and close your eyes it's raining tacos yum yum yumity yum tacos it's like a dream