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gutewerbung: “ Norton Internet Security “Grenade” Ad by Leo Burnett “In the hands of a cybercriminal, a computer is a weapon.” Norton from symantec Advertising Agency: Leo.

Yorck Cinemas: 2001 A Space Odyssey | Ads of the World™

Yorck Cinemas 2001 A Space Odyssey Agency Network: Nils Tscharnke Germany created by Nils Tscharnke category: Movies Art Director / Photographer:: Jonas Heidenreich

Adeevee - Credinform Insurance and Reinsurance Life and car insurance: Glasses

Super Lame/What Not To Do/Common Advertising Troupes: Although this could be seen as clever, I've seen this art direction used a lot so the message could get lost.

흔한 공익광고 클라스.jpg

Funny pictures about Don’t Drive Sleepy. Oh, and cool pics about Don’t Drive Sleepy. Also, Don’t Drive Sleepy photos.

Cybercrime: statistics and trends #infographic

Estadísticas y tendencias del cibrecrimen #infografia #infographic #internet

어린이는 미래다. -어린이 재단- 이제석 광고연구소

어린이는 미래다. -어린이 재단- 이제석 광고연구소