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Combining the name with imagery this logo type creates an image using simple edited text. Creating an interesting yet unique logo type that one might see on perhaps some type of makeup brand.

반전/대비 형태vs공간 게슈탈트

There is consistent proximity throughout the logotype. The negative space forming the "N" makes sense with the name because looking at the logotype engages the audience when locating the "N". I also think the logotype font works well bold.

Simpel en elegant logo. Je weet waar het over gaat MM interieurs heb t idee dat het 2 halve m m zijn. lettertype is duidelijk en strak. kleur gebruik is zakelijk strak

MM Interiors logo design

Graphic Design Logo Identity I think that this typographic logo is really eye catching. The artist chose to use only the first half of the M's but your eye kind of fills in the blank space anyway because the spacing is just perfect. So simple and elegant.

I love the way Batman's mask is incorporated into the M. The large, bold letters and dark background feel appropriately sudden and mysterious. The little Batman mask melds right into the rest of the darkness (He is the night).

I like how Batman's mask is incorporated in the M. The font is bold on the black background. The black background is fitting because it adds mystery to it, and batman has a certain mystery about him.

Blanka || Supersize - CoolHomepages Web Design Gallery

London London double-decker bus logo - poster by Quentin Newark for London Design Festival 2009 [combination of one person's caption with part of another's]

#umbrella #logo #verbicon  https://www.behance.net/gallery/14278271/image-in-imagine

#umbrella #logo #verbicon https://www.behance.net/gallery/14278271/image-in-imagine


From ‘Typography Word Play - series by Arun Raj, a free time experiment, inspired by Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Geismar, and Sagi Haviv's work: Fish.