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Greek (2007) This youth-oriented dramedy from ABC Family finds its inspiration in the exotic and often absurd customs and culture of the "Greek" fraternity and sorority institutions attached to Cyprus-Rhodes University. The show tracks both the upward progress of Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer), ambitious star of the Zeta Beta Zeta sorority, and the travails of her brother Rusty (Jacob Zachar), who has yet to adapt to the still foreign frat lifestyle.

Greek - LOVED this show. High school nerd decides to try balancing Honors science and frat life. Made me almost wish my college had a Greek system.

That's so raven.

That's So Raven Miss this show so much :'( am i the only one that thinks disney channel should have like a throwback thursday and play all the old shows? This was my favorite episode!

Yes, kids of today --- you must learn, magic is not real, there is no time traveling doctor that will save the day, & the Force probably is not with you.

But what an epic fight it will be. It will degenerate into a glowy stick fight and when we realize how ridiculous it looks we will all break down laughing and end of fight. Why can't all wars be fought with fake glowy sticks of doom?

Phoebe taught us fashion. | Community Post: 79 Ways "Friends" Were Our Friends:

From my favorite episode! Rachel: Does this look like something a paleontologist's girlfriend would wear? Phoebe: I do 't know. Friends TV show quotes

But don't feel pressure to save if you have bills to pay first.


Trust Me I'm The Doctor. I don't believe that man has ever been to medical school. Dr Who, Toy Story

This show is frickin' hilarious! I love Joey's face in the last pic! Rachel is like "Really?" and he's like "Well, that makes sense." Such typical female and male reactions to something like this. The male is more non-chalant. Hee hee!

Pretty sound logic.

The more I drink, the less there is for the kids to drink! Love Joey's face in the last still. Phoebe is awesome!

I love how he automatically assumes she's talking about him :P

Oh, his face! What about me, Rose? Am I a beautiful boy? Love me, Rose.

Doctor Who theory about Rose! I will ship the Doctor and Rose until Doctor Who is taken off of the air!!!!! The Doctor & Rose. The Doctor/Rose Tyler.

The Doctor's Gone Dark

John Hurt as the War Doctor and Bille Piper as Bad Wolf - Doctor Who's Anniversary - Day of the Doctor

Friends Confessions | Цитаты "ДРУЗЕЙ"

Joey: “Look at me! I’m Chandler! Could I be wearing anymore clothes? Maybe if I wasn’t going commando…” lol my favorite episode of all time