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Crest Theater, Long Beach, CA, 1940's

Crest Theater, Long Beach, CA, I was born across Atlantic at the Los Cerritios Maternity Hospital.

Long Beach Drive-In, Long Beach, CA - Image catlong001.jpg

Long Beach Drive In off Santa Fe Ave - I remember going with my mom dad and sister. After the swap meet we would get orange crush pop at a near by liquor store.

Acres of Books, one of the great bookstores of the world before it closed in 2008, in Long Beach, CA. Owners got $2.8 million from the city, and the city--which legally must reuse only the facade of the building (thanks to a historic ordinance that didn't go far enough)--has something which it hasn't been able to reuse yet. Note: this photo probably was taken before Jack's Liquor Store, two doors down, was demolished. Jack's was an interesting example of midcentury liquor store architecture.

Acres of Books opened in Long Beach in 1934 and closed in Ray Bradbury hung out here a lot and helped save Acres of Books once, but it was finally closed.