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Tom Hardy

Tom at Heathrow’s airport and with a fan holding Mad Max’s poster. Photo shared by Barry Hannah

Tom Hardy - Mad Max: dirty up the face, add a scar & a bloody cut above the left eye

Tom Hardy - Mad Max: Tom Hardy has the perfect response to a reporter's sexist question.

Tommy as Max Rockatansky - Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) / TH0040

Tom Hardy - Mad Max: Fury Road Not a huge fan of action movies, but this is a cinematic masterpiece. Probably the best film of its genre.

The BBC in Cannes has some Tom Hardy quotes from today's Mad Max: Fury Road

The BBC in Cannes has some Tom Hardy quotes from today’s Mad Max: Fury Road interviews: ““I’m totally ready to go and do another one” “Now I get it,” said Hardy of his director.

Tom Hardy as Mad MAx, sweet baby jesus- post apocolyptic +sexy.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD - New Photo of Tom Hardy

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) -- On my list of all time faves. Can't get enough of it. Cinematic dystopian action perfected.

Mad Max Fury Road Photos: Tom Hardy Takes Aim

Tom Hardy - Mad Max. Just because. :)

"Stop calling Tom Hardy a supporting actor.…Hardy’s “supporting” role in The Revenant is bigger than his role as Mad Max in a movie called Mad Max, where the lead is Charlize Theron.