Fix Me or Conflict Me. by *fictionist

peripheral-visions: Tattoos I’ll never get but want adding this to my ever growing pile of plague mask references. I swear i’m going to get a plague mask tattoo one day. I just need to figure out how.

Trees by Joyce Kilmer - love this poem! Our mother quoted this from the time we were very small.

Body paint design for Ms. Ives costume - PennyDreadful

Body paint design for Ms. Ives costume - PennyDreadful This could be so cool if someone could actually made a tattoo out of this design.

X-ray flowers. I love doing this! Let them drink up some contrast it's even more awesome!

Photographer Judith McMillan uses X-ray machines to capture these unique and beautiful images of flowers. This framed reproduction of 'Lotus and Grasses' by Judith McMillan is as stunning and detailed


I would change it so that one hand were controlling heart strings and the other controling the brain maybe