Love the idea of this as a backdrop for a super spooky themed Photo booth for a very fun party.

Polka Dot Trick-or-Treat Halloween Party

We're loving the use of black & white polka dots that Jenny of Jenny Cookies incorporated into this classic {and super cute!} "TRICK-or-TREAT" Hallowee

What a spooktacular way of decking out the table! Perfect fun for BigkIdz who party!

Love those eyeballs! For the "eyeballs," pierce two cocktail onions with a paring knife and place one large, black, whole peppercorn in the slit of each. Spear the onions with a cocktail pick, place in the glass and serve.

I do the "BOO" every year on pumpkins for outside at my & my daughter's homes but this is cute and really love the mirror ghost.

Halloween Happiness: My Favorite Finds for this Fall

Runner Up: Ghost in the Mirror jessanders created this boo-tifully chic entry to her home, with white pumpkins, faux cobwebs, and a shadowy poster-board ghost.

Sequin Striped Pumpkin. Flat thumbtacks plus stretchy sequin material.

DIY- Sequin Striped (or polka dots) Pumpkin- lots of other great ideas for decorating pumpkins. Bring a SIDER fan, I think all my sequins would be black.

Halloween 2013

Halloween approche, et si nous vous donnions quelques idées ?

35 Amazing Vintage Halloween Décor Ideas : Vintage Halloween Décor Ideas With Wooden Table And Glass Decor

For creepy floaters, fill ice cube trays with plastic spiders, bugs, or gummy worms, and then freeze with water. It will take any ordinary drink and turn it into a repulsive refreshment. Eyeball ice cubes using peeled radishes and green olives are the creepiest of them all, although better for adult drinks.

Add some spider ice cubes to water or juice drinks this Halloween for a creepy and healthy treat! Fill ice cube trays with plastic spiders and then freeze with water.

Wicked Witch Door Wreath

MADE TO ORDER-Fall-Halloween Wicked Witch w/ Ruby Red Slippers Wreath Hat Boots