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Meme Fridays, Part 2

Meme Fridays, Part 2 Meme Fridays, Part 2 “This is the second part to Meme Fridays! Each Monday and Friday I will post Percy Jackson memes until we run out (if that’s possible!

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Percy : Remembers Annabeth even though Goddess Hera wipes his memories!


This is honestly so hard to read if you know the pronunciation of the greek letters! It's gibberish. oh well I'm a demigod what can I say.

Me. Me fangirl... I mean you Hispanic I Hispanic too! We get married right away and buy some tacos!!!!

well it's me and millions of other :) leo is loved and u don't even know about it suckers! I would date leo :) leo is SOOOO SWEET! I am a Leo fan Girl!