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magicalnaturetour: “ “Blue Eye Boy” by Marius Coetzee :) ”

What on earth is this? A bustard. "The flamboyance of the flamingos scoffed at by a flock of bustards, troubled the hummingbirds by calling the jays a band of hairy bustards.

The males of the Kori Bustard are some of the heaviest flying animals in the world, typically weighing around with outliers of up to being recorded. There are also reports of birds weighing "almost but these haven't been verified.

A Natureza E Os Animais: Gatos Selvagens.

~~The Magician ~ majestic leopard atop a termite mound by David Lloyd~~ Beautiful!

Beautiful Jaguar

Jaguar~ -Gorgeous-Beautiful-Astounding- Isn& our GOD amazingly creative. Only the sovereign Lord of the universe could create all from nothing by his very voice. All Creatures of out GOD and King!

Lazy days.

"Double Leopard" [Double the Snow Leopard, double the cute. The pair were found a couple of times sleeping in a hammock. Rio Grande Zoo - Albuquerque, New Mexico]~[Photograph by ~DeeOtter (Deidre Lantz) - January 12 2012 on


Geoffrey's Cat Hunted extensively throughout its range for its fur, Geoffrey's Cat is the most hunted of wild cat species. As many as pelts are traded annually. Geoffrey's cat is now listed in CITES Appendix 2 as threatened.

Beautiful !!! \O/

A jaguar looks around at the Simon Bolivar Zoo in San Jose on July (Photo by Hector Retamal/AFP Photo)