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old-school bike, cuffed shorts and cute flats... who says you cant look chic while being active?

love photography pretty girl fashion dress shorts vintage class Legs lovely skirt europe elegant classy look flats ride neutral bike bicycle seat sidewalk vintage bicycle old bike separate with comma vintage bike sykkel tippy toe

sunny reading


thetallestpine: juliettetang: I live for mornings like this. (The book is Women in Love) Just got a new book on the history of women br.

ПРОФЕССИОНАЛЬНЫЙ ПУТЬ сексуальная интеллектуалка. свой маленький кабинет, частая работа в библиотеках - большая непубличная часть моей работы.

all black outfit, loose black long-sleeved blouse, black-rimmed glasses, black ballet tops, tight black pants - super chic and classic

without a doubt one of my favorite famous old pictures<3

"the kiss, was it spontaneous or was it staged?"the kiss was completely spontaneous. he said the nurse was 'the bee's knees' and he was absolutely in love with her. the kiss was a symbol of true love and joy that the war was over." -Letters to Juliet

Amazing Pictures Of Double Exposure

Multiple Exposure Series by Simone Primo. I like these pictures because they cleverly join two pictures together. Because the pictures are in the shape of a person, the picture inside could be representing emotions/feelings.

Creative photography ideas butterflies | photoshop | Black and White

Creative photography ideas butterflies | photoshop | Black and White

I remember when my sister used to play the piano (& she could play the organ, too.)  This pic reminded me of her....I miss those times.

One thing I missed as a child were music lessons. I would have loved to have learned the piano. My household will be surrounded with music (of course, only if the (kids) want to :) ).

Happy Hour (23 Photos) - Suburban Men - March 2, 2016

Happy Hour (23 Photos)

The inspired

Top model Arizona Muse is styled by Jeanne Le Bault in an at home editorial 'De Bon Matin' (Early In The Morning). Photographer Steven Pan is behind the lens for Elle France August Hair by Jonathan Connelly;

Les canaux d'Amsterdam.

Les canaux d'Amsterdam.

crawford goes through a long stage or depression

[fc: tom webb ] hello, I'm Nathaniel, but my students usually just call me mr. I'm 24 and very single I chuckle. I'm easygoing and very laid back, so do whatever when you show up to AP/honors english. I grin.