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Please fix my photo…

Guy asks internet to fix his photo Photoshop done wrong on purpose! i don´t know why i just laugh so much!

I might have been able to figure this out on my own if I have figured out any of their names. Instead we've got Leonardo DiCapri, Cute Guy, other Cute Guy, and so on...


yes and the three other characters Peter, Ariadne, and Yusef spell PAY.as in DREAMS PAY the whole concept behind Inception.

Мне бы так выходить на фотографиях!

Of the Funniest Animal Photobombs Ever. From ruined wedding photos to animals photobombing other animals, this collection is guaranteed to make you laugh

Perfectly Timed Photos

Why camera angles are critical - Part 3 - Mommy Has A Potty MouthMommy Has A Potty Mouth

One of the best scenes Cuando jess empezo a trbajar en luke's

Borrowing from Luke Danes’ Closet

Gilmore girls - Jess, "I thought this was the uniform." Have to say Jess grew on me