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I should really watch The almighty Johnsons. I just love Dean O'Gorman

Anders and Dawn from The almighty Johnsons. I just love Dean O'Gorman!

George Lowell - Hillary NZ TV 2016

When Dean posted this selfie from the Hillary set with Joel Tobeck, back in January I had absolutely no clue what those two were up to… Now we know… that Joel plays the part of Vivian “Bunny”.

Dean O’Gorman at Oz Comic Con Adelaide, April 6th 2014.

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Dean O'Gorman

aidan turner dean o'gorman the hobbit bts I was a little confused fili?

Dean O'gorman (@Deanogormano) | Twitter HollyCon

Dean O'Gorman 'll OMFG he is wearing a Joy Division shirt!

Dean O'Gorman in his trailer, mid-Fili make-up (gif) I can't get over how much I love this

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