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Inflatable Art Pavilion in London – Fubiz Media

Inflatable Art Pavilion in London

DOSIS' 'second dome' is a reconfigurable space that can transform from a bubble, to a more than structure within minutes.

dolce-and-gabbana-and-smeg-collaboration-for-carretto-siciliano-refrigerator-hero-banner.jpg (1024×427)

Artist-edition refrigerators is definitely not on the top of our list of product collaborations we've imagined, yet, we're into it. As part of Milan D.


six artists took the refrigerator’s sinuous lines and retro form and hand-painted them with images the reference the island like lemons, the trinacia symbol, cart wheels, medieval knights, and battle scenes.


Las ‘chivas’ y sus vestidos de líneas y color

9 Cool Pottery Barn Room Divider Photograph Idea

WWII style print on wood (or canvas would look nice and throw some light too) with black metal frame for a room divider. Love this - Might have to DIY one. Use the old screen frame.

Refrigerator of Art Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg | Smeg

Refrigerator of Art Dolce&Gabbana and Smeg. Realized by sicilian painters: Bevilacqua Brothers.

Coca Cola bottle design ( Versace - "Tribute to fashion )

Coca-Cola // Donatella Versace “It’s been fun to create a pattern to dress-up a Coca-Cola light bottle. Thinking about Coca-Cola I focused on its sparkling bubbles, which I converted in lots of jelly(Coke Bottle Lights)