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Blade Runner - Publicity still of Rutger Hauer. The image measures 1892 * 2879 pixels and was added on 15 April

'Blade Runner' taller de maquetas, vía Imgur.

Imágenes desconocidas del taller de montaje de BLADE RUNNER

Blade Runner Model Shop - 142 behind the scenes photos from the making of Blade Runner

Zhora in Blade Runner - played by the lovely Joanna Cassidy. where oh where can I get a rain coat like that?

Blade Runner - Publicity still of Joanna Cassidy. The image measures 1450 * 2023 pixels and was added on 9 December

Blade Runner - Behind the scenes

Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes Pic! This shot of Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer during the climactic rooftop fight at the end of Blade Runner is stunning. Not only is it from one of the most memorable scenes in.