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Star Wars Meets Legos in Photo Fan Fiction

Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimaki spends hours recreating "Star Wars" settings that range from the ice planet Hoth to the arid Tatooine. Here, Luke Skywalker rides a tauntaun through the snow. See the rest of the stellar photos .

15 Epic Star Wars Movie Scenes Recreated With LEGOs And Baking Soda

15 Epic Movie Scenes Recreated With LEGOs And Baking Soda

Daily Picdump

Although we're still waiting for our Star Wars LEGO set (hint, hint), we've already mapped out what would be included in our first week of play.

Avanaut photo series using star wars toys, beautiful lighting, focus and great storytelling.

Photographer Uses Star Wars Toys In Amazing Photo Scenarios

Here's a collection of incredibly stunning Star Wars toy photography, that were created by Photographer Avanaut. This is some amazing stuff so enjoy!

Gavin Rothery - Directing - Concept - VFX - Gavin Rothery Blog - Avanaut's Take On Star Wars Lego

Avanaut's Take On Star Wars Lego

Day 286

Day 286

See this Instagram photo by @ifputra • #LegoStarwars #starwars #stormtroopers #tauntaun

See this Instagram photo by @ifputra • #LegoStarwars #starwars #stormtroopers #tauntaun

Lego Star Wars

LEGO Star Wars - Windsor Resort Miniland now open. "These are the droids we're looking for.

"D@$# it Marcus! This ain't the map of Nepal." by Avanaut | LEGO Indiana Jones  LEGO Star Wars Snowtrooper Minifigs

Photography: A Unique Indiana Jones and Lego Experience

For Nick: Untitled, from the "LEGO 'Star Wars' & 'Indiana Jones'" series by Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimäki, aka Avanaut. via My Modern Metropolis

Isn't that chewb...na it couldn't be. | LEGO Star Wars Chewbacca & Stormtrooper Minifigs

Han, Luke, and Chewie sneaking around the Death Star- famous Star Wars scenes in Lego