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The Athenaeum - Bowl of Fruit (Henri Fantin-Latour - )

Oil Paintings of 3 Bowl of Fruit still life Henri Fantin Latour Art for sale by Artists

Wang Fine Art OIL

Wang Fine Art OIL

Jeffrey T. Larson - Fine Artist -    - Jeff Larson

Aad Hofman, 2011 by Lisa Gloria Cecilia Gilabert, "Still life on cherries and lace edging" Jeffrey T. Larson Red Onions oil on panel 2010 Robert Papp Robert Papp .

Roses ,1922 + Green apples and champagne glass,1934 *** Floxia Hortensia (Hydrangea) (o/tempera/c)1915 Poppies (o/c)1893 *** Onions ,1883-84 *** Still Life with Fruit ,1915 This entry was originally posted at http://elle-belle.dreamwidth.org/1642388.h tml . Please comment there using OpenID.

Helene Schjerfbeck (1862-1946) -продолжение

유 Still Life Brushstrokes 유 Nature Morte Painting by Helene Schjerfbeck

Mandarines et le pot en grès Antique nature morte peinture - art giclée par Elizabeth Floyd

Original Oil Painting - Tangerines, Crock, and Blue and White Cloth - Elizabeth Floyd - 8 x 8 inches - Framed Painting

daily painting titled Peaches and Delft vase

daily painting titled Peaches and Delft vase -Peaches and Delft vase x oil on board Painting status: Currently at auction Daily painting for Thursday 6 August, 2015