the meaning of the color purple-want to paint this on a canvas- as if it were not obvious I obsess on purple-even my 4 year old daughter searches her drawer for a purple item to wear every day!

MY FAVORITE COLOR and why I will probably always have purple in my bedroom! Purple - enhances creativity, clears the mind, calms stress / the meaning of the color purple

But I still wear black!

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purple calms the nerves....maybe that's why it was my first favorite color!

My favorite fortune cookie fortune I ever got: Focus on the color purple today. It will bring you luck. colour, favorit color, the color purple, .

❤️ ~ Color Energy ~ ☀️

❤️ ~ Color Energy ~ ☀️

Purple is one of my favorite colors. I'm -strongly- feeling purple this year, for some reason. More than ever...

Image Detail for - . purple color specially in bags my favorite color for specific things