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Baby racoon

Your Face Will Hurt From Happiness After You See These 42 Adorable Animal Pics Warning: You may never recover from all this cuteness.

I love babies

Giraffe's First Kiss - This baby giraffe is only minutes old, with the umbilical cord still attached, and he and his mother share a tender moment.

Yavru Rakun

Baby Bandit - We had a pet raccoon who loved to sit on top of a post just like this one.

baby cottontails

baby cottontails--Daddy brought a shoe box home when I was small. It had baby cottontail rabbits in it and we baby bottle fed them until big enough to turn loose!

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Cutest baby Raccoons taking a snooze ♡♡♡

Raccoon, the little masked bandit.

Why do raccoons have black masks? The mask of black fur that covers its eyes is the raccoon's most characteristic and familiar feature. One hypothesis for the dark fur is that it may help reduce glare and enhance the nocturnal animal’s night vision.