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˚Young specimen of Cyptotrama aspratum. Coachwood Glen, Blue Mountains, Australia by Ken Beath

Orange Pore Fungi (Favolaschia calocera)      This week’s (I know, I’m sporadic) dose of adorable fungi. It always seems cutest when it comes as a family unit. This species is totally loathsome and invasive in New Zealand, sure, but yeah—cute.

Mother Nature getting creative - Orange Pore Fungi (Favolaschia calocera). Orange crisp shapes sat along the tress branches

Dose anyone know if this is edible? gele trilzwam

Witches Butter by Carter Flynn - this parasitic fungus is found on rotting wood in wet forest areas.

Wild spongs. Spongs of the woods.

A variation of the bride's veiled found at Phallus indusiatus - veiled stinkhorn fungus.

Unicorn Mushroom - Entoloma quadratum Entoloma quadratum (Entolomataceae) is one of those mushrooms that attract attention immediately when found fresh. Although they are small (up to 14 cm high), the...

Unicorn Mushroom / Inedible mushrooms grow, solitary to scattered, in broad-leaf forests.

Golden Spindles

We found this colorful coral fungus (Clavinopsis fusiformis or Clavaria fusiformis) growing on a mowed woodland path on our neighbor's property near Mars Hill in Madison Co. It is one of the fungi that are found in the southern Appalachians.

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Nature Photography - Let Nature Do Most of the Work. Nature photography requires all the usual camera skills, so it is important to know how to use your camera. But really good nature photography also require


Parrot Toadstool or Parrot Waxcap (Hygrocybe psittacina) (Europe, Australia) EDIBLE