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Protential Human Capital Development has presented the infographic on Corporate Training Program which categorizes ROI for different training areas. This will help business leaders take training decisions wisely.

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Business and management infographic & data visualisation Improving Team Performance Infographic Description Improving Team Performance Infographic

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The 9 Most Despised Work Personalities: Annoying Work Personalities Disorders that Kill Productivity Don't be one of this people but do learn how to spot them quickly in a work setting.

This visual aid has some excellent tips that students can use when creating a powerpoint presentation. Students are often expected to create these presentations and not given specific guidelines on how to make an effective powerpoint so this could be shared with students when they are using this program to complete projects.

Today’s business world runs on presentations . sales meetings, board presentations, investor pitches and conference keynotes. It seems the problem is no one knows how to create a good PowerPoint presentation. One that is engaging and powerful and ulti


My blend - Coach Mentor Three ways you can influence others: coaching, advice and counselling. Do you use any of these or all?