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Awesome Vintage Cassette Photo | Buy Cassette Rainbow | L'Affiche Moderne

thedailywhat: “ Matt Whitwell: “Cassette Rainbow” Prints available here.] ” I used to have a colored cassette collection.

My Pet Monster

My Pet Monster! I LOVED my pet monster! (Aka my brothers pet monster which I stole)

I think I loved this horse more than all my barbies put together.

Oh, I had the horse. And the corvette, and the swimming pool, and the hair salon- I could go on and on.

I LOVED this as a kid!!! Made my aunt buy me one every time I saw her!  So happy to see this again!!!! Now only if I could buy one

The Electron Echo mini piano was so cool. Who remembers the Electron Echo little mini pocket keyboard pianos ? I honestly have.

"Happy Apple" I remember this from my nephew, Tim. I was only 10 yr when he was born. This is a toy of his, that I can recall playing w/with him.

Fisher Price Happy Apple Toy 1972 by ConfettiGarden; this has been on my tub since :) Happy Apple!

Sing with me: "Monchichi. Monchichi. Oh, so soft and cud-del-y. With a thumb in their mouth they're really sweet."

Oddie has a Monchhichi - he loved it too much and tore the body off. Now he has the Monchhichi head:)


poochie, poochie for girls! Only for girls not for boys, poochie. Poochie for girls.