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Angels on Earth: Top 5 Longest Living Dog Breeds

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Top 5 Longest Living Dog Breeds

Top 5 Longest Living Dog Breeds Breed Lhasa Apso: Lhasa Apso is an ancient dog breed originated in Tibet.Lhasa Apsos have dens.

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Both my shih tzus do this. I can't lock the door anymore cause if I do I can hear them banging into it from the other side.

Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu - This one looks a lot like our Gus. Hes 13 now, and our best friend. Hes the only dog in the house these days. Hes an old man, and doesnt like to share his people. RW Love Your Dog? Visit our website NOW!

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A full time job keeping them. Can you imagine when someone rings the bell?

I Love all Dog Breeds: 5 Best Dog Breeds for indoor pets

shih tzu / Shitzu / 西施犬 / Chinese Lion Dog / Chrysanthemum Dog Puppy/what a cutie baby!


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