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Sakura naruto kiss

that time when your crush kiss you😊

опенинг наруто 2 - YouTube

Naruto Shippuden opening 2 - You Are My Friend

Naruto Soundtrack - The Raising Fighting Spirit

Naruto Original Soundtrack I 07 The Raising Fighting Spirit and 08 Sadne.

I can see this happening.

First naruto protects his son boruto and now boruto is all grown up to protect his father naruto


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Naruto after fighting Pain (English Dub)

Naruto after fighting Pain (English Dub)

Yahiko (弥彦) | Tendou (天道) / Deva Path | Pain (ペイン) | Akatsuki (暁) | NARUTO (ナルト)

Finally I decided to finish the Sharingan Eye collection.Thank you all you wonderful Naruto fans who were so fun to talk to and geek out about Naruto you've inspired me to complete the serie.

Naruto ~ SR-71 - Goodbye

Naruto ~ SR-71 - Goodbye