Traveling is very important to one's well-being. When someone explores a new country, city or even neighbourhood, it gives them a fresh new outlook and could even inspire new ideas. #ARITZIACLEANSLATE

Lampe et suspension design: 55 idées DIY faciles à imiter!

⇚ Map Quest ⇛ maps & globes in history, art, craft & decor - Globe paper lantern

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tints of colour palet. mixs of the yellows cyan and magenta shown on the palet

This reminds me of painting in art class in Elementary school. All the paint colors were partially running into all the other colors.

We Heart It 経由の画像 #bear #bubblegum #colorful #cute #gummybears #pink #rosy

I chose a picture of gummy bears because they are one of my favourite types of junk food. They are chewy and sweet. They are also very colourful! I have loved gummy bears for a long time and probably always will!

I'd love this with Texas and Nebraska highlighted

This would be sooo cute to use as a states project love using the 50 States Cartridge with Cricut! Love it! "Land That I Love". Awesome project for USA puzzle!