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Sand imitates water flow. So peaceful!

So peaceful! Oriental gardens must have 3 elements symbolizing heaven, earth (and man) and water. The rock represents earth (island), the ripples represent water, and usually a tree represents heaven (higher than the other two elements) So I was taught.

Japanese Zen Garden Photograph  - Japanese Zen Garden Fine Art Print

Japanese zen garden meditation stone for concentration and relaxation sand and rock for harmony and balance in pure simplicity

Koi - some inspiration for colours and patterns


I will, one day, build and own a beautiful Koi pond. (Just make sure you don't put rocks on the bottom like in this photo! Your Koi will thank you for it.

zen garden

Sunset Ideas for Hanging Gardens, Lane Publishing co. California Found here Beautiful Round Window Kyoto Moss Garden .

Asian Japanese Koi Art Print Wall Poster | eBay

Asian Art Print Koi Fish Wall Poster