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Nice try though. Stay with your wife she's desperate enough to put up with your lies and cheating, good day!

E-card: Take you back? Oh I'd love to, but you're a pathetic excuse for a man and I'm allergic to liars, cheaters, and man whores anyway.

sgt. Even lies to herself.

If lying was a job I Know someone who would be a billionaire,you too ? by NewUser - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community


it's not an argument when someone is pointing out the fact that you are a liar or propagating nothing but falsehood - you have no rebuttal. Best believe it mutha f**kas!

Well, well, well if this doesn't describe someone to a tee I don't know what else would! Such an absolute liar and to involve your kid in your lies makes it even worse. Pathetic!!!

The+rules+of+a+pathological+liar. Believe+your+own+lies Look+like+you're+the+victim +Attack+when+there+not+around Never+admit+guilt Deny,+deny,+deny Blame+shift+ Then+cover+up+with More+lies.let's not forget narcissistic tendency's to this list.