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Totally Hair Barbie and Teresa dolls 1990's toys

I still have this Barbie! Totally Hair Barbie and Teresa dolls toys. I had Barbie and my Sister had Teresa.

Barbie Hollywood Hair. Between my sister and myself we had an entire town with every store possible so many cars and I think just about every barbie... Spoiled!!!! Brittany!!!!!! <3

I had this .than I cut her hair. It is a good thing they made barbie wigs back in the day

glitter hair barbie, 1990s throwback

glitter hair barbie, throwback - I had this Barbie! n the glitter gell went crusty!

Natural Hair Barbies! I absolutely love this...I'm going to by my baby girl a bunch of dolls and try this!

Turning Barbies into Natural Hair Dolls

Love how this mom created a new look for her daughters barbie dolls with big, puffy, kinky, curly hair to mimic her daughters mane using pipe cleaners and hot water. Barbie the brand should already do this!