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Pizza Cupcakes Technically it’s not really a cupcake. It’s a savory muffin with mini pepperonis and mozzarella cheese inside. Head Over the Kirbie Cravings for the recipe.

Mediterranean Crescent Pinwheels - yummy combination of flaky pastry, feta, prosciutto and fresh basil.

Mediterranean Crescent Pinwheels

600 recipes using Pillsbury crescent rolls_Easy Crescent recipes. Start with Crescents to create an awesome appetizer, delicious dinner or decadent dessert

sometimes i wonder why i haven't thought of such things. baked potato skins pepperoni pizza. genius.

Baked Potato Skins "Pepperoni Pizza": Baked potato and pizza? This might be the best reinvented pizza recipe ever! Sea Salt With Food offers a recipe that will have your family drooling. Source: Sea Salt With Food

Easy Mac and Cheese Muffins | "What a great idea! Served these at my 2 y.o. b-day party. Perfect for tiny hands."

mac and cheese cups. Simple to make (Use boxed mac and cheese) and you can add as you like. Add goat cheese, parmesan, and a cheddar blend to the packaged mix. Used a little much breadcrumbs, but otherwise great way to serve mac n cheese.

Lasagna Roll Ups.. can be made in single servings and frozen! Super easy to make and everyone loved them

Lasagna Roll Ups. can be made in single servings and frozen! Definitely making these! works with gf lasagna noodles?

Cupcake Tacos - I have made these before and they are really good.  They definitely can be eaten as a meal, instead of an app, as they are quite filling.  Enjoy!

Taco cups- would be good for us with only black beans and without the queso dip. Really just like the idea of a "taco lasagna" in single servings. Wonton wrappers might be my new favorite ingredient

No clue why it needs mayo that just sounds gross.  I think I'd leave pizza sauce for dipping too.

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sub low carb tortillas.yummy on plan quessadilla! The surprise was using mayo instead of butter on the bread for grilling. I may use it on all grilled sandwiches from now on!

Savory Cupcakes - wouldn't it be fun to have a party where all the food was served in cupcake form?

Savory cheddar cupcakes with goat cheese "frosting." Rosemary and cilantro are in these little gems.my fav herbs.

Homemade Potato-Cheese Pierogi with Sour Cream Garlic-Chive Sauce. Mmm yummy! My favorite

Potato and Cheese Pierogi

Homemade Potato-Cheese Pierogi With Sour Cream Garlic-Chive Sauce - Holy crap! You had me at "Potato-Cheese Pierogi With Sour Cream Garlic-Chive Sauce.

INCREDIBLE Pepperoni Pizza Puffs | What2Cook

4 ingredient pizza bake 2 pouches oz each) Bisquick® Complete buttermilk biscuit mix 1 cup water 1 jar oz) pizza sauce 1 package oz) sliced pepperoni 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese oz)

Gnocchi Mac & Cheese with Garlic, Gruyere, Fontina, and Parmigiano Reggiano

Gnocchi Mac n' Cheese

I've been thinking about gnocci mac & cheese all day. I've been thinking about gnocci mac & cheese all day. I've been thinking about gnocci mac & cheese all day.

Pizza crescent rolls! These are great!!! I made these last night, 1/2 a cheese stick, two slices of pepperoni, one crescent roll.   160 calories, 8grams protein, 10 grams fat.  Great with some marinara sauce, GREAT in the kids' lunch box. No mess!  Make sure you fold up the sides/ends so the cheese doesn't leak out.  Grace & David loved them!

Pizza Crescent Rolls: pepperoni, string cheese, roll up, sprinkle w/garlic powder, bake min. Serve w/pizza sauce.

Buffalo Chicken Ring -- cream cheese, ranch dressing mix, celery, buffalo wing sauce, diced/shredded chicken, crescent roll dough, ranch dressing and hot sauce for dipping

Buffalo Chicken Ring 8 oz cream cheese packet ranch powder mix Diced celery to taste Buffalo wing sauce to taste Diced/shredded chicken, cooked chicken breasts worth, or cans of canned chicken) 2 packages crescent rolls Ranch dressing for dipping

Neapolitan Cupcakes  Chocolate Cake: Devil's Food Cake mix 3 eggs ? C oil 1 C milk 1/3 C sour cream 2 t vanilla extract  Vanilla Cake: 1 White Cake mix 3 eggs 1/3 C oil 1 C milk 1/3 C sour cream 1 T vanilla extract  Strawberry Buttercream: 2 C butter  softened ? C strawberry puree (to make puree  blend your berries in a blender) 2 t vanilla extract 6-8 C powdered sugar..

Neapolitan Cupcakes Chocolate Cake: Devil’s Food Cake mix 3 eggs ½ C oil 1 C milk C sour cream 2 t vanilla extract Vanilla Cake: 1 White Cake mix 3 eggs C oil 1 C milk C sour cream 1 T vanilla extract Strawberry Buttercream: 2 C butter, sof

table for seven: Pizza Boats

Pizza Boats

Pizza Boats French bread or large rolls Pizza stuff- sauce, cheese, etc. Hollow out the middle of your bread. Fill bread with your choice of pizza fillings. Bake in preheated 375 degree oven for about minutes.