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tooth fairy receipt, so you can alway remember when they lost their teeth. Wish the tooth fairy had done this in our house :)

Tooth fairy chart pillow...cute way to have the kids see what tooth they lost and document when they lost it.

Really cute and fun idea Tooth fairy chart pillow.cute way to have the kids see what tooth they lost and document when they lost it.

Tooth Fairy Receipt -  use free download receipt font to make your own receipt!

On the Trail of the Tooth Fairy

Why didn't I see this before JR started losing teeth, I would have so done this.

cute tooth fairy ideas! {click through for sources}

Gather: For the Tooth Fairy

Gorgeous ideas for little imaginations - tooth fairy keepsakes

tooth fairy "certificate of record"

A Mom-Approved Outing

Toys In The Dryer: Free Tooth Fairy Certificate Printable. this is pretty cool because you can mark off which tooth it was!

Tooth fairy ideas from Inspired by Family Magazine.

12 Tooth Fairy Ideas and Traditions

Free tooth fairy kit printable. Love how colorful and the cute courage level is clever!

Print off this colorful FREE Tooth Fairy Kit printable for your tooth-shedding youngster! Comes with a Certificate and a Tooth box template.

tooth fairy printables....really cute.     I wish the tooth fairy would have been this cute when I was a kid

Free Tooth Fairy Printables

Letter from the Tooth Fairy, such a cute idea.

fairy Survival kit official letter from tooth fairy and foldable pouch to put cash in

Official Tooth Fairy Certificates. What a fun idea.

What a fun idea. A set of 5 letterpress Certificates of Record for filing with your local Tooth Fairy. There's space to record your child's name, age, which tooth lost, and compensation details.