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Arctic plants frozen by glaciers comes back to life! Ancient bryophytes sprouting new growth after 400 years of dormancy!

400-Year-Old Arctic Plants Frozen by Glaciers Come Back From the Dead

Bryophyte is a traditional name used to refer to all embryophytes (land plants) that do not have true vascular tissue and are therefore called non-vascular plants. Liverworts, Hornworts, and Mosses are all bryophytes.

400yearold Moss

Ice Age Organisms Can Grow & Reproduce, Scientists Say

Williams A group of plants frozen inside Teardrop Glacier in the Canadian Arctic for more than 400 years still has t.


Ancient Trees: Woman Spends 14 Years Photographing World’s Oldest Trees

Photographer Spent 14 Years Looking For Worlds Oldest Tree

Bryophytic Walls - Google Search

Bryophytic Walls - Google Search

A bit of good news in the face of climate change. RE: Plants - Cosmos Magazine on facebook, 3.23.16)

Plants will adapt to global warming, pump out less carbon

A bit of good news in the face of climate change. Plants adapt to global warming by pumping out less carbon.

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Plants' ability to slow climate change depends on their fungi

These strange and amazing plants live in remote corners of the planet, and are all critically endangered

The 9 rarest plants in the world

The rarest plants in the world: These strange & amazing plants live in remote corners of the planet, all considered critically endangered.

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New Study Shows Plants Talk to Each Other Through the Soil

Researchers at the University of Aberdeen have discovered that plants communicate to each other through a fungal hyphae messenger!