Anglo-Saxon Gold and Garnet Filigree Ring, 7th Century AD

Lot: Anglo-Saxon Gold Filigree Ring with Teardrop Garnet, Lot Number: Starting Bid: Auctioneer: TimeLine Auctions Ltd., Auction: TimeLine Auctions - Antiquities, Day Date: August 2016 UTC

Æthelwulf Ring, (Laverstock: Found in a cart rut.) ca. 828-858, Late Anglo-Saxon. The British Museum.

centuriespast: “ Æthelwulf Ring Found/Acquired Laverstock, Found in a cart rut. Late Anglo-Saxon The British Museum ”

the plain hoop bifurcated toward the shoulders, the upper and lower bands decorated with granulated clusters, and joined with granules and rounded hoops. A beautiful example. Condition: Minor signs of

A Roman Gold Ring, ca 1st century BC/AD

Ancient Roman gold ring, dating to the century BCE to the century CE.

Jewelry from the grave of an Anglo-Saxon princess in East Cleveland, 7th century, Kirkleatham Museum$FILE/Saxon-Princess-Exhibitoin-Flyer.pdf

Pieces of Anglo Saxon jewellery belonging to a Saxon princess which were recovered at the princess's grave in a farmer's field in East Cleveland, UK

Greek. Gold armband with Herakles knot, 3rd–2nd century B.C. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. Christos G. Bastis Gift, 1999 (1999.209)

didoofcarthage: “ Gold armband with Herakles knot Greek, Hellenistic Period, century B. Gold inlaid with garnets, emeralds, and enamel Metropolitan Museum of Art ”

Gold Ring found in Leeds, West Yorkshire

Etruscan Filigree and Granular Gold Ring from the Leeds Hoard, West Yorkshire UK ~ETS

Anglo-Saxon Filigree Ring from the Leeds Hoard – A very attractive and complete ring with filigree decoration, in excellent condition.  Two panels of six filigree scrolls are each separated by a fine filigree line bisecting the bezel.  Gold pellets sit in the centre of each scroll and in some of the angles between them.

Anglo Saxon Filigree Ring from the Leeds Hoard. A very attractive and complete ring with filigree decoration, in excellent condition.