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Difference Between Adult and Fetal Circulation | Nursing Crib

Difference between Adult and Fetal Circulation Criteria Adult Circulation Fetal Circulation Artery Carries oxygenated blood away from the heart Carries Non-oxygenated blood away from the fetal hear…

Postpartum hemorrhage: Reduction of uterine inversion (Johnson method). (A) The protruding fundus is grasped with fingers directed toward the posterior fornix. (B, C) The uterus is returned to position by pushing it through the pelvis and into the abdomen with steady pressure towards the umbilicus.

Postpartum hemorrhage: Reduction of uterine inversion (Johnson method).

Ninety percent of all postpartum hemorrhages are caused by uterine atony-that is, failure of the uterine muscles to contract normally after the baby and placenta are delivered. The blood vessels supplying the placenta during pregnancy are severed when the placenta separates from the wall of the uterus. The bleeding that results from these severed vessels normally stops when the uterus contracts, compressing the vessels. However, if the uterus doesnt contract enough, the bleeding can…

Pregnancy Complications: Uterine Atony

Advise patients to sleep with feet higher, while the body remained supine to increase the venous return, and allow the blood to the brain and other organs. Monitor vital signs since changes .

Rx de trauma en brazo y manó hecho por molino de carne

X-ray of a meat grinder injury to the arm and hand. don't stick your arm in a meat grinder.