Maybe I need to join the army...

HiddleMemes on

"Look, even the US Army is fangirling over Tom Hiddleston." Had to pin it, it is too funny. Look at the guy's face!

Seeing Tom shirtless GIF


Tom Hiddleston

Ahe’ey - Sky Falling (An Original Novel - Part 1

Maric is a tortured hero - betrayed by his wife five years earlier, he no longer trusts women. (DARKEST BEFORE DAWN)

... I really don't need to comment...

If Tom Hiddleston were the Old Spice Guy.<<<<~ I wish Tom was the old spice guy.

Not to mention incredibly handsome!!!!

Funny pictures about Marvel villains. Oh, and cool pics about Marvel villains. Also, Marvel villains.

Things Tom Hiddleston has actually said "I'm Sorry" for...

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Tom Hiddleston ~ I'm sorry; And the rivers will be choked with bodies of fangirls who cannot take it anymore.