Phototshop Smoke Effect Tutorial.

20 Beautiful Examples of Photoshopped Smoke Art + Tutorials

Take a look at this amazing Lady in The Smoke Illusion illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind-bending images and videos.

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Photoshop tips, tricks, skills and effects, mixed with a heady brew of creativity (image credit: demiart.

look pretty, play dirty 

Man smoking cigar and drink cognac

Artistic Human Chalk Explosions  Anton Surkov

Ukrainian photographer Anton Surkov creates a collection of perfectly timed black and white photographs. In the images, Surkov captures each unique jump, as clouds of white powder explode in the air around the remarkably fit, strong young models.

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Wooden Match Stick on Fire,Fire Decor,Flame Decor, Macro Photography…

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hellow People thats me Renata from Poland.

Sweet nothing, a digitally made double exposure piece.

World Famous Photography


Quint Buchholz-walk your own line, make your own path, to carry your own weight. Tightrope in the night sky.

Beautiful! Reminds me of being stripped of all....bearing only your soul for all to see....holding no secrets...nor afraid to show ur true self

Fire with a smoke rose

Deberías leer " Quien disfruta del pecar " en #Wattpad #espiritual

a smoking rose

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Imágenes subacuáticas del fotógrafo español asentado en Autralia Enric Adrian Gener, también conocido como 27mm. #photography #photo #fotografia #foto

Enric Adrian Gener - Even though the ocean is still predominantly unknown territory, photographer Enric Adrian Gener brings it closer to viewers by diving underwater an.

chasing the dragon is like chasing you.... I know I'll never catch u yet I can't seem to let go.

23 Amazing Photo Manipulations of Smoke


Blackjack: Ace of Spades von einem Rauch - Animation Telefon

Back left for arm idea

Three year-old Robert Quigley smoking a cigar, Washington DC, 30th August 1928. Quigley apparently started smoking when, as a one year-old on his father's knee, he grabbed his father's pipe and tried smoking it. The boy is also said to drink alcohol and chew tobacco. (Photo by Henry Miller News Picture Service/Archive Photos/Getty Images)

Cigar-smoking child, Washington DC, year-old Robert Quigley smoking a…