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8fact - Amazing, no wonder I love talking to my Mom so much! :D

And I also feel a lot of sadness over the times she can't talk to me when I need it. I'm a mom now. And a mom still needs her mom ❤️

Interesting facts about the #internet.  http://hide-my-ip.com/

The average Strawberry weighs grams one medium strawberry diameter) is 12 g, for purposes of nutrition calculation.

True, doesn't mean they existed though :P they actually ate mentioned over 6 times if I recall.

See unicorns are real!psalm 29 in the kjv, its translated as unicorn, in other versions its calf or

Just in case you didn't know

Not exactly true. The more expensive kinds have cocoa butter, which is part of the cocoa bean.

Speakers #8Fact.... Ok... Might be a fact but it's still a little odd to actually do this in front of people

To know what you don't know > I just tried it and it doesn't work so now I have to sanitize my headphones.<< no actually it does work, you can't put them in to far just rest them on your nostrils and open your mouth i've done it