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Emma & Merida ❤

“Day hanging with this brave lady Amy Manson - Jennifer Morrison

"OUAT Season 3 Cast Promo Photos: Emma in a Ballgown? Belle With a Sword?" SO excited!!!

I love the promotional pictures! Everyone's just standing there and then Regina' s just like "come at me bro!

I don't know how comfortable I am with Grumpy hanging out with Dr. Frankenstein and the Evil Queen. ¦(

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Whale/Frankenstein, Dreamy/Grumpy/Leroy, and The Evil Queen/Regina

Colin O'Donoghue - Killian Jones - Captain Hook - Emma Swan - Jennifer Morrison - Once Upon A Time

Captain Hook Emma Swan Killian Jones Colin O'Donoghue Jennifer Morrison Once Upon a time If you take place like thanks Miriam

How much do I love these goofballs?

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Jennifer Morrison - Georgina Haig - Lana Parrilla - Jared Gilmore - Once Upon a Time - BTS

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At first I thought it was Emma just with dyed hair, and then I realized it's mother/daughter Snow/Emma. The casting is incredible!

Once Upon a Time' Season 6 – New Twists, Release Date and Spoilers

Awesome Emma (Dark Swan) on an awesome Once poster obviously for awesome Once season 5