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And it's not the same as bisexuality. I actually started to understand what it really was a few months ago. Also, I think I'm pansexual.

Yes hi hello uh I FUCKING EXIST BITCH! like, I want to make homophobes understand but I think it’d freak them out too much if ‘the air’ started talking.

I shall call myself this from now on. Want a reason? Well I'm a fourteen year old, I have conservative views, I don't like Planned Parenthood, I detest sexist men, I also detest heterophobes who are trying to tell me what to do because I'm young, I have morals, and I have biblical standards. I also believe that I'm a strong woman....that I can do anything with knowledge. I'm gonna change it all sometime. I know it.

We are the Pariah, the true fighters for humanity. An you could do better, doesn't Pariah mean outcasts?

"After him they rode: a long line of mail-clad men. Swift, shining, fell and fair to look upon."  -J.R.R. Tolkien  zan@fellandfair.com

McBryde Campbell ( is Fell & Fair’s media director and style guru. He also has the best head of hair on the team. (at Pelennor Fields)

Evil! Cullen: Red Lyrium by Lehira-Rutherford

Cullen: Red Lyrium by Lehira-Rutherford

After she was dismissed from the Kings care, she became anything he needed her to be, anywhere in the Kingdom. A spy, somewhat.

"I have bested you fellow knight." A trembling hand rose up and slowly lifted the visor.

{Guards: 6/10}The fourth and final group, the guards have a huge variety of jobs. From protecting the explorers, to helping farmers hunt, from protecting the camp at all time, to helping guard the farmers who are gathering, offering hands to builders. They must be able to fight

da:i + aesthetics // demands of the qun ““All these years, Hissrad, and you throw away all that you are.