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TMNT 2012 officially has a love interest for each turtle! Congrats for RaphxMonaLisa Get ready for a romance filled OTP week (Monday- AprilxDonnie, Tuesday- LeoxKarai, Wednesday- MikeyxRenet, Thursday- RaphxMonaLisa, Friday- All 4 ships!

My best friend "enthusiastically" hates TMNT and badmouths it all the time, no…

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Different versions of the Ninja Turtles meet. I lost it a Donnie saying his and Raph's voices sound similar.

I loved this scene.  It made me really sad, but I loved how it showed their brotherly love. :3

I just watched this episode. I CRIED! The only other time I cried while watching TMNT, was when Kiaria was mutated 'sniff'