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1550 Chaises

1550 Chairs

Doris Salcedo, 1550 Chairs Stacked Between Two City Buildings, Istanbul Biennial 2003

winged victory of samothrace, one of my favourite hellenistic and want to see it in person one day :)

Nike of Samothrace, aka Winged Victory of Samothrace, one of my favourite hellenistic sculptures

Fascinating Sculptures by Regardt van der Meulen

Fascinating Steel Sculptures by Regardt van der Meulen

South African artist Regardt van der Meulen delivers his series ‘Deconstructed’ made out of steel. The series exist of a group of fragmented, sci-fi-like sculptures of human shapes

Sculptures réalistes

Various Hyper-Realistic Sculptures- Includes work of Sam Jinks, Jamie Salmon, and Ron Mueck.

Tomohiro Inaba  - Tochigi, Japan - Made from solid iron wire, many of his sculptures appear freely woven. Their foundation is an anatomically correct solid form but it shoots off in incredibly complex tangles of steel wire that manifest themselves like violent pencil scribbles.

Tochigi, Japan artist Tomohiro Inaba

An amazing sculpture by artist Tomohiro Inaba. "Tomohiro Inaba is a young artist who finished his graduate studies in Suz.I just drew this last week!

Hu Shaoming’s Mechanical Sculptures of Time and Civilization

Hu Shaoming’s Mechanical Sculptures of Time and Civilization (Colossal)

Sculpture "City of Dreams" by Chinese artist Hu Shaoming. A shining industrial city emerges from the head of a massive seahorse. This is amazing!

Art Made from Packing Tape

Talented artists create sensational sculptures using everyday household packing tape

Vote for your favorite tape sculpture in the Scotch Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest

The Groundbreaking Violinist – entrance hall of the Amsterdam Opera and City Hall. The sculpture, created by an unknown artist, was established here in

This looks like a Ron Mueck sculpture (on the right). I think the figure on the left is a living person

Standing Woman by Ron Mueck- amazing hyper realistic art by this Australia artist

RON MUECK – COOL ART WORK – REAL OR NOT REAL?!  Aug 15, 2007Published under Art, Funnies, Interesting Random Stuff  Ron Mueck is a London-based photo-realist artist. Fiberglass resin or flesh? I just thought this too cool not to share…

༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺ Hyperrealistic Sculptures by Artist Ron Mueck ༻✿༺ ❤️ ༻✿༺

This massive figurative installation by mixed media artist Karen Cuolito stands a staggering 30 feet high. The California-based sculptor's towering figure

Karen Cusolito & Dan Das Mann, "Ecstasy", Statue, Recycled chains and Salvaged steel. Additional Information: "She stands 30 feet tall, weighs six tons!" - Patricia’s Green in San Francisco