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this is my motto

Only Black. What people do not realize is black is an amazing color. Black is a representation of mystery. And I love it against my skin. Black is my favorite color!

Gênio #logo icone "BeeBank Desenvolvido!

Bee Bank

Genius logo icon "BeeBank Development" for Greenpeace - designed by Studio Paradise, UK

Finalized monogram, designed for Norwegian Nordic Combined athlete, Magnus Moan by Michael Spitz

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Installations I Void, Silk Organza, 49 layers, Each of the 49 layers of silk organza holds a delicate ring drawn with a burning incense.

Wish my gifts could come in this beautiful Black gift box or at least Black and white.

Black Friday wrap -up / beautiful Black gift box for my black color loving cousin's gift. something black of course !

260 Creative Logo Designs Inspiration 2013

260 Creative Logo Designs Inspiration 2013

clean, minimal logo with a clever icon fusing a paper with a diamond - designed by Ivan bobrov, russia