Hello everyone,I am Athena. 大家好,我是雅典娜。 We are good friends. 我们是好朋友。 You need to study harder. 你需要更加努力的学习。 You two look so much alike. 你俩长得真像。 He is tall. 他很高。 She is beautiful. 她很漂亮。 It is a cute puppy. 它是只可爱的小狗。 They are at home now. 他们现在在家里。

We have created a new chart using cartoons to show simple Subject Pronouns in English. As a teacher you can use the same image to talk about the different cartoons and what is happening or describi…

Commonly confused adjectives Oscar Learn, Oscar Teach!: Photo

Educational infographic & data visualisation Commonly Confused Adjectives with Explanations.uniquelanguag… Infographic Description Commonly Confused Adjectives with Explanations.

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Lista completa de verbos irregulares del idioma inglés

One of the best ways to go about learning a new language is to expose yourself to that language as often as possible.

Excelente herramienta para mis clases de inglés

Excelente herramienta para mis clases de inglés


This worksheet is about good food and bad food and belongs to my series on addictions and junk food.