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Pinning this for poetry out loud tomorrow! I'm so gonna die...

Isn't this the pencil form 'your lie in April' where Kaouri rolled the pencil to choose kozei's song?( I may gave misspelled some name, sorry)

10 Fresh Memes Today!#7 The Darkest Slogan For Family Photo Studio.

Quick question, how the fuck do you get yourself stuck in a handrail?

Importance of 504s

I had a 504 plan in high school. It saved my public school experience. I was lucky to have a very accommodating school and teachers, but I know plenty of my friends were not blessed with such.

My favorite ones are the doctor ones. The one at the end had me laughing out loud!!!

I sure wouldn& keep a straight face if I was one of those court reporters and witnessed those dialogue

Can't risk it whoops

When you can't risk not meeting Brendon Urie with your VIP tickets to death of a bachelor on march *swetas nervously

Um plez work today the air conditioner broke

Kind of true for me to the doctor told me to not go to school tomorrow so I don't get sick.

Hate you guys. Like, really hate you -_-again nooooope

Lol I usually don't do chain mail but the comments are funny and I also love my mom soooo